Creativity Re-imagined

Driven to create extraordinary retail experiences


We use our knowledge, creativity and technical know-how to breathe life into your brand vision, visually and emotionally.

We love working with clients to create inspiring, engaging, exciting and delivering successful branded customer experiences.

Our team prides itself on its unique mix of creative spark, attention to detail and gold standard finish.

Design is our passion and we strive to deliver the quality experience our clients deserve.

With a London studio and close-by in-house production facilities, we can offer seamless project management, the highest quality and guaranteed delivery.

Create a unique experience

What makes us different?

With a studio in Angel, Islington and production just outside London we can respond really quickly to any project of any size.

Our extensive production facilities mean we can offer value, quality and efficiency, from the distribution of large campaign roll outs through to the installation of one-off hand finished displays.

Expect different results.

We can also work with you to set objectives and define ROI, particularly when using new media to help drive purchase in the age of experience.

Making room for new experiences shouldn’t require inflating budgets. Efficient, cross-channel thinking helps free up space for impactful brand moments.

Anything else you should know?

When it comes to realising ideas, the sky is the limit at SGK Graphics.

We love to experiment with materials and finishes, and if you have an idea but aren’t sure how it will look, we will develop it.

Get in touch and share your brief, we’d love to help.

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