Power & Opulence

Sisley Black Rose

Continuing to collaborate with Sisley Paris on their line of sensorial skin products, we worked closely with them to design and create temporary displays that conveyed the power and opulence of the enigmatic and rare “Black Baccara” that’s heart hides the secrets of youth and that Sisley has captured in its luxurious and award-winning Black Rose skin care range.

For the window in the flagship John Lewis on Oxford Street we wanted to immerse passers-by in the delicate nature of the dark, velvety, garnet red shaded petals that lend the Black Rose its name. To achieve this, we designed a concept in our Angel studio that maximised the window space and the permanent structure within.

Roses were printed onto optically clear film and positioned so as to climb each side of the window. Individual roses were free-standing on three shelf heights, staggered and placed around the product range. Campaign imagery was used to further define the ranges unique qualities and branding placed in key sight lights.

The in-store display was designed to stand out in its location, with black roses contrasting vividly on their pure white background. Subtle use of freestanding printed black roses interspersed amongst product and encouraged customers to sample the product there and then.